You Can Count on Oil Heat

When it comes to heating with oil, the benefits are seemingly endless. Oil heat is clean burning, safe, and affordable. It’s no wonder so many Pennsylvania homeowners stick with this fuel year after year! Among these many perks, the one that keeps customers coming back is oil heat’s reliability. Unlike other energy options, oil has a long track record keeping customers warm and has proven its capability to adapt and advance without losing quality or value.

Heating Oil Is the Most Dependable Energy Option

Store Your Fuel, Your Way

Oil heat customers can control their fuel supply on their own property. Above and underground tank options are available to suit your home’s unique structural and heating needs. And, thanks to oil’s non-explosive nature, you can rest easy knowing that your family is safe.

Take Your Pick of Local Dealers

Customers that heat with fuel oil in Pennsylvania have the opportunity to choose an energy company that they know and trust. Local heating oil delivery options range from discount oil delivery to full-service fuel and HVAC. Full-service heating oil providers offer customers even more support, with automatic delivery, professional heating services, premium customer service, and more.

Save Big with Efficient Operation

Today, high-efficiency heating systems that run on home heating oil perform better than ever. With AFUE ratings as high as 98% available, you can significantly reduce your spending with an upgrade. High-efficiency oil boilers and furnaces create heat with a lower energy output, which translates to reduced heating bills. Not to mention, technology advancements have improved equipment longevity.

Gain Peace of Mind

Fuel oil is a historically safe energy option, so much so that 14 million other homes across the country depend on it! Unlike gas, home heating oil is non-explosive and will not ignite when exposed to flame. Fuel oil equipment will exhibit signs of malfunction, like soot or smoke, in the event of a problem. This eliminates the threat of undetectable issues that other energy sources may cause.

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