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Calculate Your Energy Savings | Smart Heating PA

Savings Calculator

Your estimated annual fuel costs:
Click an option below to view your potential savings.
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Scheduling a heating system efficiency tune-up Potential Savings: 10%
Installing a programmable thermostatRead More Potential Savings: 10%
Installing an aquastat boiler control (boiler systems only)Read More Potential Savings: 10%
Sealing your heating ducts (furnace systems only) Read More Potential Savings: 20%
Upgrading your old boiler or furnace to a new high-efficiency heating system (such as an ENERGY STAR system)* Potential Savings: 50%

Please note that each of these scenarios is subject to multiple variables.
*Considering the efficiency of the new system and the system that is being replaced, actual savings may vary.
For more information about upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system, contact your local professional.